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20th April 2013
Xodus 7 Continent Challenge
Santiago view

Ex-Worldno.26 Tim Garner & Ex-World no.1 Peter Nicol MBE completed the gruelling Xodus 7 Continent Challenge last month, and in doing so raised valuable funds for LV=SOS Kit Aid.

The primary goal of the challenge was to raise the profile of squash’s Back the Bid 2020 for Olympic inclusion and to demonstrate squash’s globalism. In doing so they played a challenge series of 7 full matches on 7 continents in 7 days!! The 7 Continent Challenge saw them travel more 40,000 miles and spend over 70 hours on planes in a true test of endurance both mental & physical. In addition to highlighting the 2020 Bid’s profile, the challenge raised funds for Kit Aid, Natasha’s Steps, as well as local deserving projects.

Tim was inspired to take on the challenge by Sir Ranulph Fiennes 7 Marathon’s challenge and so kicked off where he had started, deep in the Atlantic on the Falkland Islands, which was given honorary ‘Antarctica’ status. The players then headed to Santiago (Chile, South America), Sydney (Australia, Oceania), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia, Asia), Cairo (Egypt, Africa), London (England, Europe) and finally Stamford (NY, USA, North America). It was 4-time Commonwealth Gold medallist Nicol who eventually came out on top with an 11/9 in the fifth victory in the deciding stage in front of a capacity crowd at the impressive Chelsea Piers Club.

Each and every venue embraced the Xodus 7 Continent Challenge which helped the players get through it as Garner explained ‘the enthusiasm all the way round the world was incredible and despite being constantly on the go, Peter and I managed to survive relatively unscathed though I have a feeling it is going to hit us both now that we have stopped! One of my best moments was discovering that the club in Santiago had taken some of building’s windows out so that they could build temporary seating into the car park such was the interest in attending!’

Over the course of the challenge the players travelled over 40,000 miles, spent 73 hours on planes and 138 hours travelling in some shape or form and played 32 games of squash across 7 matches lasting in the region of 7 hours, not including the odd promo hit that venues sneaked in!

Falkland Islands (‘Antartica’) 11.00 Saturday 13th April

Peter Nicol beat Tim Garner 3-2 (11/9, 11/9 8/11 9/11 12/10) 65 Minutes


Santiago (South America) 17.30 Sunday 14th April

Tim Garner beat Peter Nicol 3-2 (12/10 6/11 11/9 8/11 12/10) 60 Minutes


Sydney (Oceania) 17.30 Tuesday 16th April

Tim Garner beat Peter Nicol 3-1 (13/15 11/5 11/8 11/9) 45 Minutes


Kuala Lumpur (Asia) 20.30 Wednesday 17th April

Peter Nicol beat Tim Garner 3-2 (11/9 9/11 11/5 10/12 11/8) 49 Minutes


Cairo (Africa) 21.00 Thursday 18th April

Peter Nicol beat Tim Garner 3-1 (11/8 5/11 11/9 12/10) 51 Minutes


London (Europe) 18.30 Friday 19th April

Tim Garner beat Peter Nicol 3-1 (9/11 11/8 12/10 13/11) 51 Minutes


Stamford, CT (North America) Saturday 20th April

Peter Nicol beat Tim Garner 3-2 (11/8 6/11 12/10 4/11 11/9) 55 Minutes